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System Allows Final Draft Estimate to be Uploaded and Parsed


The Upload Estimate window is currently allowing users to upload only a final draft estimate within the accounting section through the Data Estimate field. The estimate amount will upload correctly, but the line items for that estimate will not parse correctly. Users should not be able to upload and parse only a final draft estimate. Only dash data, rough draft estimates or import estimates should be able to be uploaded and parsed within the system.


Steps to Replicate

1) Log into 13133/DASH
2) Go to any job without an estimate or create new job
3) Click Upload Estimate
3) Click the "Rough Draft PDF" radio button
4) Upload final draft estimate into Data Estimate field (estimate attached to ticket)
5) Click Upload Estimate
6) Notice estimate was saved and estimate amount displays
7) Click Accounting Details
8) Click Add/View/Update Estimate
9) Click View/Add Line Items
10) Notice no line items associated to estimate

  • Josh Ivy
  • Mar 8 2017
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    Josh Ivy commented
    March 8, 2017 19:15
    josh.ivyJosh Ivy added a comment - 19/May/16 8:57 AM - edited

    The discussed solution is as follows:

    • When the estimate is parsed, we compare the total to the total of the individual line items
    • If the total does not match, we will show a popup that informs the user that the totals do not match
    • The user can then decide to apply the estimate anyways by clicking yes, and we will add the total only, without the individual line items
    • If the user does not want to proceed with this, they will click no and the estimate will not be imported.
      • We should also consider adding a note if they do accept the estimate as-is. This may help alleviate confusion.

    josh.ivyJosh Ivy added a comment - 19/May/16 10:34 AM

    Note: This solution is dependent on resolving the other outstanding issues with the estimates.

    josh.ivyJosh Ivy added a comment - 06/Jul/16 1:42 PM

    Also, we will need to handle the scenario for a bad pdf where we can't get a total at all. We need to ensure that these are rejected without changing any existing estimates. Current functionality allows for a revision of this type to partially change the existing estimate, but not to update some information which is causing confusion.

    Chris Vick can provide a specific example if needed during testing.