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Deductible Amount Displaying as Estimate Amount when the Deductible Amount is Greater than the Estimate Amount.

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It appears that if the deductible amount of an estimate exceeds the line item total of an estimate, then the deductible amount ends up being displayed INSTEAD of the total estimate mount for the job. This issue should be corrected for both DASH Data and Import Estimate options.

For the estimate attached, the user had an estimate with one demo line item of $349.74 and a $3700 deductible. When you upload this estimate it shows the estimate total of $3700, not $4049.74. Use the DASH Data estimate that is attached and bring in using the Upload estimate option.


Steps to Replicate

1) Log into 13133/DASH
2) Create new job
3) Save
4) Click "Upload Estimate"
5) Upload attached estimate and Save
6) Notice estimate total is listed as $3700
7) Open Estimate
8) Notice $3700 is listed as deductible

  • Josh Ivy
  • Mar 8 2017
  • Planned
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    Josh Ivy commented
    March 8, 2017 19:55
    adam.graceAdam Grace added a comment - 08/Jun/16 12:23 PM

    Original ticket was creating in September of 2014.

    adam.graceAdam Grace added a comment - 10/Jun/16 10:07 AM

    Was not done intentionally. Deductible should not be included in the estimate amount.