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Exception Reasons Not Firing if Estimate is Uploaded Directly to Accounting Section

Users are able to upload an estimate directly though the Accounting Details section and it completes the Upload Estimate task. If the task goes into overdue status and the user uploads the estimate directly into the Accounting Details section, no exception reason is fired for that task. This affects estimates uploaded through the Upload Estimate, Import Estimate and Add Estimate links. Exception reasons should automatically pop-up when completing a estimate task that is overdue whether completed from the task directly or the accounting section.


Steps to Replicate

1) Log into FGS/35482
2) Administration> Division
3) Add New Record
4) Create Division called: "CR-845 Test"

  • Suffix: -CR
  • Prefix: N/A
  • Admin Division: Water Mit
  • Division Behavior: Standard

5) Save
6) Administration> Work Flow Builder
7) Select division "CR-845 Test" from Job Division drop down
8) Add New Work Flow

  • Action Title: Upload Main Estimate
  • Action Description: Upload main Estimate
  • Action Trigger: Job Date Event
  • Action Event: Date Site Inspected
  • Assigned to Type: Employee
  • Assigned to: Yourself
  • Assignment Delay: 0
  • Must Complete Within: 1 min.
  • Required Completion Action: Upload Main Estimate
  • Associated Completion Date: Date Estimate Approved
  • Notification Type: All
  • Divisions: "CR-845 Test"
  • Loss Type: Any
  • Loss Categories: Any
  • Insurance Carrier: Any
  • Employee Monitors N/A
  • Completion Monitors: N/A
  • Accepted Program: No Program

9) Save
10) Dashboard> Create job
11) Select division: "CR-845 Test"
12) Add other required information
13) Save
14) Click Dates
15) Add Date Inspected
16) Save Date
17) Click Compliance task
18) Verify Work Auth task was fired
19) Wait for task to go into Overdue status
20) Click Upload Estimate in Accounting Details
21) Upload estimate attached to CR
22) Save
23) Notice Compliance task completed but no Exception Reason pop-up appeared

  • Josh Ivy
  • Mar 8 2017
  • Under Consideration
Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency Low
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