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Add Capture/ Upload Option when uploading a document from the mobile app

Not everyone is willing to sign a digital copy of a document, for many different reason. 1 of the main reasons is because of age and not everyone has an email so they want to still be able to have a copy of their work authorization and other documentation on a job. So many people are still getting paper copies of documents signed, and uploading them as photos into the software, this is great because it allow them to have that documentation in the system

The draw back is that if they have a compliance task to upload a work authorization on sight they are not able to complete it and have to rely on someone at the office to download the picture of the document and upload it to the document section of the system.   So by having an option to upload or capture a picture of the document it will eliminate the extra step by an office person.

  • Tommy Pritchard
  • Mar 9 2017
  • Under Consideration
Idea Type Enhancement
Urgency Medium
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