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Password expired and reset on Enterprise platform results in 3.0 Error Message

When I logged onto the Enterprise platform (web), I was notified my password expired and had to be reset, which I did, and it's working just fine.

After resetting PW, I attempted to logon to Mobile 3.0 (IOS).

The PIN screen is displayed and I enter my PIN, I get this error message saying: 

 Alert   Warning You must reset your password now or you will be forced to logout.  

The only option on that Alert is OK.

When OK is selected, a Safari (browser) window opens for me to login to the Enterprise platform to change my PW - which I have already changed so I don't need to do this.

I finally managed to enter an incorrect PIN twice, so then I was taken to the Login screen so I could login with my new PW.  I then had to RESET my PIN in the Settings.

How is this supposed to work when a PW gets changed due to expiration on the Enterprise Platform?  I would think the PIN would override any need to change the PW on the login.  If not, what value does the PIN feature provide to the Users?


Reported by:  Nancy Shost

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 10 2017
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  • Kat Grady commented
    March 10, 2017 15:08

    I attempted to recreate this issue on an Android, and forcing a PW reset from Admin/Employee/PW Reset.  This test was NOT an expired PW.

    After I forced a PW reset on myself this morning, I changed my PW on the Web platform. 

    I went right to 3.0 and was not prompted for anything different, my PIN worked.  After waiting a while (30 mins or so), I tried again. 

    This time, I was told my credentials were incorrect, and when I hit OK on that screen, it took me to the Login screen.  I entered my info and new PW, then, like Nancy, was prompted to set a PIN - Which I agree should not happen.  What's the point of the PIN anyway? 

    Either 3.0 works differently between Android & IOS, or a forced PW reset works differently than an Expired PW.