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Drytrack Management reporting

 I had to sign off early from the Drytrack call the other day. I didn't get a chance to state this in the call, but it sure would be nice to have some managerial view of drytrack. For instance, it sure would be nice to know how many jobs have drytrack on it, and how many service calls from each job. Some higher level reporting features would be great to determine training opportunities.
Some of the items that we'd be nice.
1. # jobs with selected category and class & comparisons
2. Jobs with multiple chambers
3. Jobs with equipment set to recommendations
4. Jobs with equipment not to recommendations
5. # of jobs by technician
6. # jobs with project managers/ estimators

This list could go on. There should be a report for almost every point in Drytrack.

Jim Grant

  • Jim Grant
  • Mar 27 2017
Idea Type Enhancement
Urgency High
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