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Defualt to a moisture meter type option

It is currently extremely time consuming to enter the moisture meter, brand, and type of moisture meter on every new water job for every moisture point.  Our company uses primarily one type of moisture meter.  If we were able to have the option to set up all of our jobs with the default set to the same type of moisture meter, this would save us a ton of time over the course of a year.  This could be in an administrative settings type format, which I am not aware if the app has such a thing or not. 

  • Eric Hagen
  • Mar 29 2017
Idea Type New Feature
Urgency High
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  • Josh Gallup commented
    April 7, 2017 21:39

    I have brought this up in the Drytrack user feedback group as well.  Let's nail this one down Nextgear.