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Job Tasking/Calendar Issues

I use the employee calendar tab within 365 desktop to schedule daily appointments for my crew. This is difficult as there is typically a few issues with this function. If you refer to the photos (One on the left specifically) I have put some appointments on the crews calendar. You can see that is has good information and the time slot that I have allocated. If you then compare it with the new mobile app (One on the right) you will notice two errors. Firstly it doesn't display the time frame so they would never know what the start and finish times areĀ  even though I have assigned that when I created the event. Secondly, if you look at the left photo again you will see the Names read: Wickham, Weber, Bohannon whereas the right reads Wickham, Bohannon, Weber? Even with creating start and finish times; the mobile app just mixes the appointments and there isn't a time slot to refer to compare against.

Imagine the difficulty of trying to schedule a technician if they can't utilize their calendar. In some instances we have resorted to paper so this doesn't cause a mistake.

  • Myles Wesener
  • Apr 5 2017
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