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Add "Tab" Arrows and "Done" Buttons to All Keyboards in 3.0

Since the app has so many screen with multiple text entry fields, being able to use "Tab" or Next/Previous arrows on the keyboard would be much more efficient for users entering data. Currently, a user must tap on the next field to enter text.

Also, every keyboard needs the "Done" option to dismiss the keyboard. Currently a user has to tap somewhere else on the screen to dismiss it, and that is not very intuitive.

These should apply to ALL keyboards in 3.0. If a keyboard is to a single-entry screen, the arrows should show, but be disabled(grayed out).

These are both common practice in apps today, including our existing 2.35 app.

  • Matt Bell
  • Feb 28 2017
  • Released
Idea Type Enhancement
Urgency Medium
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