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Note Visibility is set to Public by default - Please change to follow Note Visibility Configuration settings

I am testing a Local test job I created.  Our Note Visibility Configuration is set to PRIVATE for all Notes and Email on local jobs.  When I add a note using Chrome, the note defaults to Private. When I add a note from 3.0, the Confidentiality is set to OFF.  I would think the Mobile App would follow our Note Visibility Configuration rules, and Confidentiality would be ON.   I do see that 2.0 also sets Confidentiality to OFF, so I will add this as an Enhancement request instead of a break-fix.

Our Field Techs need to focus on doing mitigation work, not remembering to turn on/off settings in the App, so please update the App to follow the Configuration settings.

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 1 2017
  • Planned
Idea Type Enhancement
Urgency Medium
  • Mar 1, 2017

    Admin Response

    We cannot commit to providing this before the Mobile 3.0 launch, but we will definitely keep this feedback in mind and try to get this work completed as soon as possible.

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  • Kat Grady commented
    March 2, 2017 13:02

    On September 17, 2015,  NGS sent an email announcing the new Note Visibility Configuration settings (announcement attached).  This feature included Mobile Add Notes.  I am simply pointing out that it's not my feedback during this Beta you need to keep in mind.  Your announcement 1.5 years ago said this should be working.  Please do whatever you can to deliver the functionality as promised.  This does impact the productivity of our Technicians.  Thanks.  

    Software Updates: Released on September 17

    Ability to set whether notes are public or private by default 
    This new feature will allow the administrator of an enterprise system to configure if certain pieces of information are public or private by default. This will only affect local and Admin jobs. The impacted areas for this new feature are:

    • Mobile Add Notes
    • Quick Add Notes
    • Slideboard Add Notes
    • Completing a compliance task
    • Completing a job task
    • Emails sent out of the system
  • Admin
    Adam Grace commented
    March 2, 2017 13:49

    We totally agree, Kat, and it is definitely our intentions to make this work the way that it should and the way that we said it would. During this Beta process, we will be focusing on "High" urgency issues first, and then circling back to focus on the "Medium" urgency items. We will fit this item in as quickly as possible once the "High" urgency issues have all been addressed.