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Android - Compliance Task order is alphabetical, not in Action Item order

In the Android app, the pending compliance tasks listed on a job appear in Alphabetical order, not the order in which the tasks need to be completed.  There is nothing on the task indicating to the Technician which one is to be completed next, nor by when.  In 2.0, Compliance tasks are listed in the order they are to be worked.   Please fix this so the Compliance tasks are in the order they are to be worked.

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 2 2017
  • Released
Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency High
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  • Kat Grady commented
    March 17, 2017 00:00

    I see the Status has been changed to "Released".  What Release is that in?  I just tested, and while the list is not in Alphabetical order any longer, it is not in the order the Compliance Tasks are intended to be worked. Screen shots from Mobile 2.0 and 3.0 are attached showing the differences.  They are in the correct order in 2.0.

  • Kat Grady commented
    April 4, 2017 12:45

    I retested after the April 4, 2017 release, and the Compliance Task order is NOT in the order the tasks need to be worked.  Attached are screen shots of the compliance task list on the same job in 3.x and 2.x.  As you can see, 2.x lists the compliance tasks in the order they need to be worked.  Please change the Status on this item so it can be re-worked.   thanks.