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Drytrack - generic equipment gets added to the wrong room if you switch "select area" after adding to list

I am adding generic equipment in drytrack the following way on an IPhone 5. 

Add equipment -> Generic -> Select Area (pick room that is part of chamber ex Family) -> Pick air mover details -> enter a barcode -> add to list

Now I want to add the same kind of equipment to another room so I:

Change Selected area to another room ex. Storage -> Keep all else the same -> Enter Barcode -> Add to list ->  Hit checkmark at the bottom.

Now when I go into room details all the equipment shows up in the storage and no equipment shows up in the family room, even though the first piece was added when Family was selected under "Select Area".

This seems to cause confusion as either you should 1) be able to switch "select area" and have the equipment drop into that room with the "add to list button" or 2) not be given this option.

I prefer the first option because if you cannot switch rooms from this screen you would have to add equipment one room at a time-> completing the checkmark -> then hitting add equipment again.for each room.

Thank You 

  • Kelsie Wilson
  • Mar 2 2017
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    Matt Bell commented
    March 18, 2017 21:54

    Hey Kelsie, while we are working on some improvements to the whole DryTrack and Equipment processes, this screen is functioning as intended. Equipment is not saved to an Affected Area until the Save button(checkmark at the bottom of the screen) is selected. Then it will save the Equipment to whatever Area is selected at the time. Hope that helps, thanks!