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Provider Division Hard to Select on Accept Job

When attempting to change the Provider Division on the Accept Job screen, it is difficult to hit the correct button. 

  • Adam Grace
  • Mar 3 2017
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Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency Medium
  • Mar 13, 2017

    Admin Response

    This item was resolved in build 128.

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  • Kat Grady commented
    March 4, 2017 21:01

    When accepting this job, I tried to click on "Carpet Cleaning" (as seen in the screen shot) to change the Division to CONTENTS.  I was unable to get any sort of drop down or list of Divisions to select to change it. to the correct division,  

    I highly recommend this interface be changed - or change the default.  If the Admin Division is CONTENTS, then the Provider Division would be CONTENTS by default - and could be changed to Carpet Cleaning if needed.  

    All the Compliance Tasks and Documents are determined by the Provider division, so if the wrong one is listed when the job is Accepted, then we will have the wrong Compliance tasks and documents on the job.

    Manually changing the Division on the job AFTER acceptance does not change the compliance tasks nor documents. Limited documents can be changed manually (see issue MOB-I-73, New document types Associated on a job are not displayed in the Mobile app), by associating the correct document to the document type from the Web version, but this is rework that should not be required.