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Drytrack - Generic equipment gets added to wrong room if you change "select area" in the middle of adding equipment

I am adding generic equipment from an iPhone and am doing so using the following steps:

Add equpment -> Generic-> Select Area -> pick room that is part of chambers (ex. family) -> choose air mover details -> enter barcode -> add to list

Then, lets say I want to add the same type of generic air mover to the Storage room, so I do the following:

Change select area to storage -> keep all else the same -> enter barcode -> hit add to list -> now hit the complete checkmark. 

Both pieces of equipment now show up in the Storage instead of 1 air mover in each room. 

The only way to add generic equipment to individual rooms is to add equipment, hit the checkmark, hit add equipment, over and over again for each room. This process does not seem to work correctly. 



  • Kelsie Wilson
  • Mar 3 2017
  • Will Not Do
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  • Admin
    Matt Bell commented
    March 7, 2017 05:32

    Hey Kelsie, equipment is is not saved to an area until you tap the save checkmark, so the app only adds it to whatever area is currently selected when it is saved. With that being said there are some improvements coming in one of the upcoming builds that involve improvements to the Add Equipment screen. Those changes may make the flow more clear. Thanks!