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Techs need to be able to return to App and finish entering and saving text after App Timeout. Currently, the App crashes when attempting to save data after timeout.

Text data entered, but not saved, is lost if not saved before App Timeout. It appears as if it might work, but upon saving text, receive message "Dash has stopped".

Crew Chief and/or Techs can begin to enter data (Notes, Initial Findings, Special Instructions, etc), then get interrupted to answer a phone call, or to address a question from the Customer, Adjuster, or others on location. The app times out, and all data entered but not yet saved is lost.

When the App is unused, it times out. Upon returning to the App (on Android, I go to my Open Applications, select Dash), I returned to the same screen being worked on when the timeout occurred , but when I finished adding text, saved the item, I got the message: Unfortunately, Dash has stopped. When I reopened the app, I got the job list. Navigated back to the job/Initial findings, and all text entered is gone.

Tried the same scenario a 2nd time, hoping to be able to copy text so that after the crash, I could paste it back into the text box as a work-around. I was able to copy the text. After the crash and re-starting the app, the clipboard button was displayed. I was able to select the specific clipboard item to paste the data into the text box. This could be a potential work-around for the time being if it can't be fixed before roll-out.  

See attachment for steps to recreate.

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 4 2017
  • Released
Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency High