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Contact Type list in Mobile is different from Web version. They need to be the same and listed in Alpha order

When adding new contacts using the Mobile app, one of the required fields in the Contact Type. This field needs to be easily found by the user entering the contact.  

The Contact Type is a field used in Reports, and data consistency is required.  

Currently, both the Individual and Company Contact types in Mobile 3.0 have variances from the Web Version (see attached).  

Since the Mobile app allows users to Add New Contacts, and the Contact type is a field used in Reports, the selection lists need to be exactly the same.  Also, the list in Mobile 3.0 is listed in random order, not alphabetical as it should be.  

Please update the lists so they match the Web version and display in Alpha order.

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 6 2017
  • Planned
Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency High
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