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When adding a new Contact in the Mobile app, the Required fields for entry need to be the same fields required when adding a new contact in the Web app.

When adding a new Contact using the Mobile App, the user needs to be able to SAVE the new contact after entering the same REQUIRED information if adding the contact in the Web version.

They may not always have the email address, nor physical address of the contact at the time of creating the contact in the field.

The web version only requires the Name, Contact Type and Main Phone.  In addition to those required fields, Mobile 3.0 requires the email address and Address/City/State/Zip.  

The Mobile app needs to be changed to work the same as the Web version.  If these fields remain "Required", the user will have to enter dummy data, which erodes our data integrity.

  • Kat Grady
  • Mar 6 2017
  • Planned
Idea Type Other Issue
Urgency High
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